This morning I had two chattering Sedge Wrens at
Comstock Cons. Area, Barton County.  They were
both in a brushy area southeast of the north parking lot.
I went up there purposely for this species, so, that
made them especially fun.  Comstock is a mile west
of Hwy. 43 on the Barton/Vernon County line.  Both
SEWR were agitated at my presence. 
On August 17 I had a Sedge Wren two mile east of
this site on Bushwhacker CA. 
I was unable to drive around to the south parking area
due to a downed tree.
I also had a couple of Bell's Vireos still singing in the
same brushy draw. 
First of season Northern Harrier male was in a ditch
on Hwy. 43.  I have observed a summer N. Harrier on
nearby Bushwhacker C. A.  Last summer, I believe. 
One Upland Sandpiper was present at Comstock also.
I believe that I had 25 or 30 species all together. 
Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper Co., MO.

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