On Sep 10, 2012, at 1:39 PM, Paul Ribitzki wrote:

Oh, sorry about that.  Since EUTS are only found in the Saint Louis area and 
to the north along the Miss. river, I didnít think to mention it was in St. Louis, 
south of I-64.

True if you qualify the statement with the word "regularly" or "usually."

Eurasian Tree Sparrows have been found as far west as Boone County (Columbia is the county seat) on a few occasions.  They were confirmed nesting at Hallsville (north Boone Co.), but were there for one season/year only.  One came repeatedly to a feeder in Columbia several years ago; another was at Bradford Farm east of Columbia a couple of years ago; and several were on a farm along the road to Tri-City Lake in the northern part of the county for one year.

They may appear in a variety of places around the state, but go unrecognized, and fail to establish a sustainable breeding population.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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