Although not a record late bird, the adult male Prairie Warbler the Bill Clark CACHE Wednesday crew saw at Reform Conservation Area (Callaway Co.) today is late enough to make a special note.  The latest two dates in Robbins & Easterla are Sep. 20 and 23.

The bird today was brightly colored, feeding actively near the entrance of the Riverview Cemetery.

A word on Ol' Clark:  Bill had shoulder replacement replacement replacement (yup, 3rd time, same shoulder) last Thursday and was back in the driver's seat of his personal Old Gray Mare Toyota today.  He's hurting, but healing and is very optimistic that this one will work well, if not wonders.  He's already planning to re-do the left one in a few months.  He's singing the praises of Boone Hospital staff, facilities and their never-ending supply of Jello.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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