I think the good weather and the wind carried the shorebirds out'a here. Not
one peep, not even a Killdeer at Riverlands Heron Pond today. Never have
seen that before, always at least one stray.

One fresh juvenile Forster's Tern and adult and juv Caspian Tern at Teal
Pond.  Adults still feeding the juv.

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County  (admin)

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:49:21 -0500, Ethan Duke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Good birding! Make that 6 species with the 2 Philadelphia Vireo's MRBO
banded at Van Meter SP yesterday. Larry Lades previous post of "The Three
Amigos" was a pleasure to see. If anyone hasn't follow the link, I'd
encourage it!
>Night Flight Listening showed good movement 2 nights ago. I wonder how the
south winds will affect migration over the next day or so??
>Ethan C. Duke, Assistant Director
>Missouri River Bird Observatory
>On 11 Sep 2012, at 7:40 PM, Lawrence Herbert wrote:
>> Brian Davis, here in Joplin, mentions birding the MSSU campus
>> today and hearing a Red-eyed Vireo and a Blue-headed Vireo singing.
>> His third vireo species, Warbling, was silent.
>> Another birding friend emailed me yesterday and did have a Warbling
>> Vireo singing not too far from Joplin. 
>> The other day I had a couple of Bell's Vireo singing up at Comstock C.A.
>> Plus a White-eyed Vireo was singing at Walter Woods C. A. yesterday.
>> I assumed that perhaps mine were still on territory.  Maybe they were
>> migrants though.  The literature on our Midwestern vireos says that our
>> vireos do sing occasionally during migration.  It also states
>> (Birds of North America on line) that they are largely silent on their
>> wintering grounds. 
>> Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.  9-11-12.
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