Nevertheless, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELIOT !!!
I'm glad we happened to be celebrating your masterpiece MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL -- 
an unconscious tribute on your birthday, maybe.
Well, I pick up this bit from Google on the occasion -- it voices my sentiments. 
Here's a link: 


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And here I am trying to behave myself!
P. M.

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>Of Love Songs, Baseball, and Sausage Grinders:
>Celebrating T.S. Eliot and Ernest Hemingway
>Written by: Stuart Mitchner
>The above article mentions "Today being T.S. Eliot’s 124th birthday" but I'm
>a day late with the news. But besides the TSE birth announcement the article
>starts off with a Hemingway quote:
>Written in the aftermath of Joseph Conrad’s death in 1924, Ernest
>Hemingway’s tribute in the Transatlantic Review’s Conrad Supplement included
>this sentence: “If I knew that by grinding Mr. [T.S.] Eliot into a fine dry
>powder and sprinkling that powder over Mr. Conrad’s grave Mr. Conrad would
>shortly appear, looking very annoyed at the forced return and commence
>writing, I would leave for London early tomorrow morning with a sausage
>Unlike my previous post this one has lots of Eliot (and Hemingway.)
>   Rick Parker