no worries, it is my impression that data can slip by you in the cyber age in a way it did not once upon a time, I   punched cards not keyboards for computers back then  but  I also can recall that the bibliography on my thesis was laid out in a giant mind map of paper  across floors  throughout the house. it was ugly but nothing got away.  Cheers Pete

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Dear Peter,
This is it. I got it also from Rick. I must be even more inept than I thought, but as I said, I've just been very tired than usual and am just getting back, so I gave up probably too easily.
Thanks a million,

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Hi Nancy,
try this - March 4, 1974 page 26 youi can buy the article online I think.
Cheers Pete
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Dear Rick,
I wonder if you--or someone on the list can help me quickly. I'm writing a review, and I want to quote a 1973 (approximately at least) review of Great Tom by Margaret Manning, which seems to have been in the Boston Globe. I say "seems" because I only have a kind of scrap of news clipping that says at the end that she often reviews for them.
I'm sorry to seem inept, but I'm recovering from being unwell for a few weeks--the main symptom of which was fatigue--and I can't imagine getting to a sufficiently good library and finding records back then.
I can't manage to bring it up on my computer, but you seem to have magical powers. If you could get me the citation, I would very much appreciate it.
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