Bob, have you tried a liquid ant killer called Terro?  If I get an infestation 
of that many ants, I put some drops under the feeder or on any little spot I can 
on their way up to the feeder, even a drop or two at the end of the wire.  They 
love the stuff!  My daughter and I call it a "Terro party."  Pretty soon - no 
more ants!  It will wipe out the whole colony, I presume, which seems drastic, 
but then 200-300 ants is extreme also.  So far I've had to use Terro once this 
summer at all 3 feeders, some tiny ants, some the large ones. (I do try to use 
the stuff pretty unobtrusively, as put a dead leaf or two over the drops on the 
ground level, so that hummingbirds, moths, or whatever, won't see it. I'm afraid 
they would sip.)

Fall migration does seem to have started a little early.  I'm still seeing more 
warblers than in spring.Yesterday I saw:

Chestnut-sided (at least 2 lime green immatures)
Bay-breasted Warbler
A. Redstart
Blue-winged Warbler
Prairie Warbler
Yellow Warbler
N. Parula
Nashville Warbler
   (only one of each except that noted but that is better than I was seeing all 

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - I had been hearing one the day before, but it came 
down and inspected me from a close branch.  Quite yellow!
Other Empids I'm not sure of.
House Wren
Baltimore Oriole
Summer tanager
Lots of Indigo Buntings

Seeing many C. Nighthawks

Judy Bergmann

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Sent: Tue, August 28, 2012 10:08:33 PM
Subject: ants (no sighting -- except for ants)

I marvel at how tiny ants, no larger than the head of a pin, can first of all 
detect where the sugar water is, then climb a 10-foot wall and go out on an 
overhang and then down a skinny wire to my hummingbird feeder.  When I clean it 
out there will be 200-300 dead ants in the sugar water.  Someone told me they 
don’t even have sight but have the ability to locate things by smell.  Just had 
to pass this one!
Robert Lewis
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