Robert Gallardo of Honduras and Brad Jacobs will be on a birding trip starting at 7:30 am Aug 31, 2012, Saturday, tomorrow at the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area headquarters in McBaine, Boone County. This located where K highway meets the Missouri River bottom in southwestern Boone County. Take Providences Road south from I-70 until it turns into K highway and wind you way to the MDC headquarters. All are welcome to join us rain or shine.



Robert also is presenting on his work in Honduras on birds next week: See below for details.

Don’t miss this amazing presentation on Honduras birds and their habitats and their connection to Missouri breeding birds.


Robert is a former Peace Corps volunteer from the early 1990s in Honduras and has remained in Honduras for over 20 years working on birds, orchids and butterflies. 


Robert is on a nationwide speaking tour and will at the Runge Conservation Nature Center in Jefferson City on Sept. 4th, 2012 at 6:30 pm. His presentation includes a visually delightful photograph musical initial mood setting fifteen minutes followed by an in-depth presentation on Honduras culture, history, political regions, biologically diverse habitats and more than 750 species of birds. Robert has just located his 702 bird species in Honduras. He has added more than 30 species to the country list and continues to pursue the remotest areas to find a list of 30 + more birds that are likely present but never documented.


Robert and his artist colleague, John Sill, are working on a field guide to the Birds of Honduras and will have information on its progress.  




Brad Jacobs

Missouri Department of Conservation

P.O.Box 180

Jefferson City , MO 65102

573-751-4115 ext 3648


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