Fall Greetings all!
My run through Otter Slough CA last night was primarily to take stock on species present. Of note was a lone American Avocet in basic plumage feeding among Canada Geese in Pool 13. There were about 14 Black-necked Stilts present as well as many shorebirds of mixed species.
A Wilson's Phalarope in basic plumage was observed in Pool 22, and no matter how hard I tried to make it into one of the other phalarope species, it still remains a Wilson's Phalarope in basic plumage. It had a dark stripe extending from the eye and a hint of a colored stripe running the length of its neck. Three Baird's Sandpipers were observed by themselves and dispersed throughout the premises.
On the west side of Otter Slough CA, a loud chip note had me hitting the brakes and killing the engine. I was able to get on the two male and female Blue Grosbeaks that were carrying on. I observed that the female had probably 5 worms/caterpillars in her beak before she disappeared into the tall grasses while the male continued its guard watch chipping away. It was my hope to digiscope the female with foodstuffs, but when she finally reappeared, her beak was empty and a massive cloud was threatening rain while blocking what little sunlight remained.
Good birding this weekend!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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