Do you remember what it was like the first time a 'bird' grabbed you, and,  
before you knew it, you were slipping inexorably into becoming a lifelong  
passionate birder? 

Often birding is introduced to new  birders-to-be by experienced birders. 
One remembers the people who changed your  way of life as much as you 
remember that first incredible spark bird. Would you  not like to be the vehicle 
that inspires someone to take up the passionate hobby  of birding that may 
change them forever?!

Well the Pledge to Fledge  (P2F) Initiative encourages exactly that. We try 
and inspire birders to combine  on a couple of weekends a year to take this 
to the next level and mobilize as a  global body to share our passion with 
others who are yet to find it. Of course  you could do this any time, but we 
hope you will do it with us as a  International Community to make a 
statement about the passion we feel for this  sport. 

The best way to do this is for passionate birders, like  YOU, to spread the 
word to non-birders and take them out birding.

This is the basic concept of the Pledge to Fledge, an international  
grassroots movement aimed at popularizing the sport of birding and promoting  
awareness of bird conservation.  The Pledge to Fledge dedicates two  weekends a 
year to encourage birders to take a neighbor, a friend, family  member, 
local kid or anybody else out birding – ‘fledging’ a new birder!   The kick-off 
weekend is set for August 24-26th 2012. 
Participating in the  Pledge to Fledge is so easy that every and any birder 
should contribute to this  global birding event. You may even be doing the 
biggest part of it!

All you have to do is:
1.  sign the online pledge  
2.   bring a neighbor  or friend out to watch birds for a short  while
3.  take a few pictures and share your effort with the world  

Signing the pledge is important to  document the birding community's 
dedication to the future of birding and bird  conservation.  

Instead of bringing someone out for a bird walk, perhaps you can try  
having a Backyard Birds and BBQ for your neighbors, family, and friends to point  
out your own yard birds, show them your feeders/native  landscaping, and  
let them flip through a field guide/use your bins.

Of course, we want everyone to know what a great thing you are doing.  We 
encourage you to post pictures, video, and stories of your Pledge to Fledge  
effort  and share them through the various P2F social media platforms.  
(   Please share through our Facebook  Page .

The Pledge to Fledge is simultaneously one of the easiest things and one of 
 the best things you can do for the birding community and the birds  

Join birders across North America, South America, Africa,  Europe, Asia, 
and Australia and be a part of the Pledge to Fledge!

Please visit our website to find out  more. 

Welcome aboard!
Dave Magpiong, Richard Crossley, Danielle and Michelle Mohilef, and Keith  

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