Hi all

Had an entertaining day's birding at Eagle Bluffs today, most of it with 
Laura Pintel and Andrew Scaboo.

We ended up with at least 10 species of warblers, depending on whether 
or not Northern Waterthrush was one of them! There were at least 8 
Waterthrushes in the area, and some certainly Louisiana, but some looked 
more like Northerns.

Other warblers:
Northern Parula
Black and White
American Redstart

Marginal views of the Orange-crowned, so I wouldn't lose any sleep if it 
was really a Tennesee, but it looked better for Orange-crowned and was 
definitely one or the other. I think there were 2 Canadas and 2 
Chestnut-sideds and several Black and Whites.

Also in the general area were numbers of Gnatcatchers, Rose-breasted 
Grosbeak, Warbling, Red-eyed and White-eyed Vireos, Indigo Buntings, and 
lots of Flycatchers, many Peewees but a fair number of Empids too, 
including Least and several Trail's. At least three Marsh Wrens.

Shorebirds included Solitary, Spotted, Least, Semi-palmated and Pectoral 
Sandpipers, Lesser Yellowlegs, Kildeers, and Laura found a Snipe. I also 
had a stunning juvenal Stilt Sandpiper at South Farm Lake later in the 
day. Nearly all the shorebirds were juvenals, except for most of the 
Pectorals and one adult Least which stood out a mile from the juvenals 
all around it.

We had four Broad-winged Hawks, at least three Coopers and a 
Red-shouldered. Big numbers of Swallows, though I never saw a Tree 
Swallow all day. There were several hundred Purple Martins early in the 
day, especially near the town of McBaine.

Cheers, Chris.

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