I got out to Maintz Conservation Area in Cape Girardeau County before dawn and watched two flocks of great egrets pass over the "wetland" (now mostly dry) area off Hwy. BB -- one lone egret landed, along with a great blue heron, a green heron, and a killdeer. 

I tried the path at the archery range for the first time; thanks to Mark Haas for the tip.  As he predicted, I got the red-eyed vireo and acadian flycatcher right away.  Also two female and one male summer tanager.

Only found one red-headed woodpecker today, but in the usual spot, all the way on the west side of the grassland behind the barn and pond #2.  That area is often good for four or five species of woodpeckers, and RHWO is reliably present.   I see they've done a controlled burn of that grassy area, and in the process cut some firebreaks that make for a nice walking path all around the boundary, as well as down in the woods northwest of the pond all the way to the upper end of the pond itself.  Should be a good area for warblers when the migration starts. 

I was somewhat perplexed by what I think must have been a juvenile eastern towhee.  Finch-like beak, pretty much an even brown color all over, but darker tail with bright white outer retrices, particularly visible when flying.  The pics I've seen looking them up show a streaky breast, which wasn't my impression, though.  Still, there were plenty of eastern towhees in the area, and one adult quite close by while I was studying this bird. 

I was pleased to get caught in a bit of a rainstorm just before leaving.  We can definitely use it. 

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