BIG thank you, Dave Haenni!  What a day for witnessing the young!  From approximately 5PM to 8PM, I was mesmerized by the juvenile Tricolored Heron playing and foraging with juvenile Green Herons and a juvenile Snowy Egret.  During that time I was joined by one of Missouri's newest and most excited young birders, Tanner Caldwell (13 years old?  How old are you Tanner?), as well as Tanner's father in experiencing this.  Here are some photos and a video I promised Tanner.  (Chrissy was unable to join us due to illness, but she was there in spirit.  She'd called Tanner, informed him about the Tricolored Heron and encouraged him most strongly to meet up with me.  I think this was his first experience of a Tricolored Heron.  What a special time it was.)



Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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