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For the 3rd year in a row, Wings Over Weston occurred last May, 2012.  Because of our success and the continued growth of this festival, we wanted to share the report with all of you, our fellow birders.  We are hoping it will inspire all of you to reach out to young birders – the ones who will fill our shoes someday. 


This past month, we shared this report with all of our volunteers, supporters, participants and partners who were able to witness the event and its impact on the community first hand. We wanted to thank them for all they did. But, more importantly, we wanted all our financial supporters who weren’t able to attend Wings Over Weston, to read the report that reflects all the goals, accomplishments, and lasting impressions their donations made possible. 


We’d like to invite you to share this link to the report with all of your friends and colleagues who share our love for opening the world of birding to children.  Perhaps they will have an interest in joining us for Wings Over Weston 2013.  (They can contact us directly via the information below.)  One of our participants recently said, “What you have produced with Wings Over Weston is great.  In future years, it can be refined and celebrated for what it is. You can dream bigger. You can dream better.”  We are dreaming for both and every year it gets better!


The report can be accessed at:


Wings Over Weston 2013

Christine Kline, Co-Chair ~ Burroughs Audubon (816) 540-3515

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Lee Wilbeck, Co-Chair ~ Missouri State Parks (660) 258-4950

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