Yesterday Amy and I went to explore Schell-Osage CA and Four Rivers CA.
 Schell Lake had some shorebird habitat on the west end and on the south
cove across from the Old Folks Pond.  Highlights were an American Avocet,
some Forster's and Common Terns, many Great Egrets and some Fish Crows.

Later that afternoon we went to Four RIvers CA.  Highlights there were Fish
Crows and Spotted and Pectoral Sandpipers.  There was a large area in Unit
3 that contained some extensive shorebird habitat and from a distance of
over 1/4 mile we could see 500 plus shorebirds of all shapes and sizes.
Unfortunately, we were only able to identify Great Egrets and Great Blue
Herons at that distance because of the heat waves.

The area is not accessible by car but would be on foot.  There is an
overlook that you can scope from near the entrance but it would need to be
in the cool of the day and probably the evening because you're looking

Happy birding!

Scott Laurent
Kansas City, MO

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