I am glad so many people have got to see this bird bur I do want to clarify one thing about viewing this bird. As soon as I found this bird thursday I called the area manager, John Vogel, from the mud flats where I was viewing it to make sure it was OK to view the bird from there. He was actually very excited about the bird being there and said it was fine to view the bird from the mud flats past the parking lot, which is what I posted Thursday. Obviously, he has not passed that along to the rest of his employees at the area. You should still be able to get descent looks most of the time from the parking lot. I would not push the issue and just view the bird from the parking lot. As far as "Sinking in the mud up to my armpits", I weigh 250 pounds and did not even put a dent in the mud flat when I was out on it.

Dave Haenni, St. Louis

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