To all members of the Audubon Society of Missouri:

The members of the Missouri Bird Records Committee are elected to four-year terms, which expire one or two at a time in successive years.  As the current members' terms expire, they may stand for re-election, and other candidates may also be nominated.  If a member leaves the committee before the expiration of a term, a new member is to be elected to fill the unexpired portion of the term.

This year, Positions 1 and 5 are up for re-election; these are occupied by Mark Robbins and Kristi Mayo, respectively.  Both of them have indicated their willingness to serve again and will be standing for re-election.

Additional nominations may be made by any members of the Audubon Society of Missouri.  Candidates nominated should have the appropriate qualifications, as stated in the MBRC by-laws:

"Qualifications for Committee membership should include expertise in identification of birds, knowledge of Missouri birds, familiarity with birders and localities in Missouri, a commitment to the documentation of bird records, and a commitment to accomplishing Committee work in a timely fashion....Committee members shall belong to the ASM."

Persons who wish to make a nomination should follow these guidelines: (1)  Nominators may not nominate themselves.  (2)  A nominator must affirm the nominee's willingness to serve on the Committee.  (3)  A nominator should file the nomination in writing, including a description of the nominee's qualifications.  Please send nominations to me at 7414 Kenrick Valley Drive, St. Louis, MO 63119, or at the email address below.  They should reach me no later than August 8.

Election will occur shortly after the nomination deadline, and new terms will begin as of the fall ASM meeting in September.

Bill Rowe
Secretary, MBRC
St. Louis
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