I ran into Charlene Malone today at CCNWR. She had 7 Upland Sandpipers and I had 5 and some Buff breasted sandpipers in a field with no water. There was a nice mud flat in this field last week but it dried up leaving a nice grassy meadow that the Sandpipers loved. In some water near the road there was a good assortment of sandpipers including Pecs, peeps, a dowitcher  some yellowlegs, solitary and spotted along with Killdear everywhere. Walking back into the refuge I also had 3 sanderlings and a few stilts. After Charlene had told me about her possible Ruff I went back out to check out a dark looking Uplands but it turned out to be just that, a darker than normal Uplands sandpiper.Did not see any of the Black-necked Stilts I had here last week.

On the way out I checked the lake near the refuge HQ and was rewarded with about 100 shorebirds including a wilsons Phalararope, Semi-palmated plover, and lots of Stilt Sandpipers. Charlene mentioned there was good mud flats North of the bridge over the slough at Winfield dam and she was right. I refound her Wilsons Phalarope there along with a couple hundred of the previously mentioned birds.

Also had a Peregrine falcon driving into CCNWR.

Dave Haenni , St. Louis

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