The Chimney Swifts may have fledged out of our chimney today.
    No sounds anyway.  CHSW may leave the nest and cling to the
    "chimney" for a few days, per lit.  Then they fledge at about day 28.
    Four or five pure white eggs.  Incubation by both parents for 19 days.
    Just a pair of two is all that is allowed when nesting in each chimney.
    Then they congregate big time in appropriate chimneys prior to
    or during migration. 
    We probably inadvertently aided them with chimneys the last
    century.  Now I notice new home constructions have chimney
    guards and screens, so, perhaps we're not aiding them now in that respect.
    Lawrence Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County MO.  7-24-12.

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