Doug Willis (the man) found a couple of Neotropic Cormorants at Smithville 
Lake today near Public Access 14.  Kristi Mayo then posted the sighting.  So I 
got out there about 6:45pm in very poor lighting conditions.  Did see a bunch 
of cormorants way north of Access 14, so my wife and I accompanied by 
Charlotte Ross drove up to Public Access 13 to get a closer look.  That was 
successful and after walking around a cove, up a hill and through a multi-flora 
rose/poison ivy minefield I arrived at a good viewing location and identified 1 
of the Neotropic Cormorants.  Got back to the ladies at the trail head with the 
sun going down over the hill and the lighting was now good enough to ID on of 
the cormorants (Ugh!)

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting too old for that kind of lunacy. :)

Also, saw a nice Solitary Sandpiper and Swamp Candle (Prothonatary Warbler) 
in the cove as I was getting a closer look at the cormorants.
Just go to Public Access 13, take the trail to the West towards the lake and 
aim your bins and scope north to a tree in the water with a group of 
cormorants.  Best time would be in the morning with the sun at your back.

Good Birding,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO

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