This morning I visited Bradford Farm (Boone Co.) with hopes of seeing an Upland Sandpiper. Struck out with that one, but I was treated to a GREAT HORNED OWL before sunrise, many SEDGE WRENS, a few HENSLOW'S SPARROWS and a few shorebirds over on the western pond.

South Farm R-1 Lake lost most of its shorebirds (diversity and individuals) overnight. I saw mostly PECTORAL SANDPIPERS and KILLDEER there.

Next, I visited Eagle Bluffs CA from ~7am-8:30am. Three SANDHILL CRANES were north of the power line cut in a soybean field. There were thousands of RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS, and mixed in I noticed three YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS. A couple BOBOLINKS were also around. 

I saw an immature LITTLE BLUE HERON at a water control gate in the Distribution Channel. The only shorebird habitat at EBCA right now is in the ditch that runs along the eastern edge of Pool 15 and right near the south turn around for Pool 14/15. Below are my full checklists for the morning. Overall, I would describe the morning's birding as slow slow slow.

Bradford Farm eBird checklist:
South Farm R-1 Lake eBird checklist:
Eagle Bluffs CA eBird checklist:

Good birding,

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