Ditto, Don! This heat and drought situation is unprecedented. If you can spare 
the time and a few bucks, at least put in a dripper on a bird bath. It connects to 
a water spigot, no power needed. That dripping motion alone will let the birds 
know there is fresh water available.

Last week, I had two red-shouldered hawks bathing in the 'spring' portion of our 
large pond. It was late in the afternoon and I managed to get some video 
without disturbing them. Here's the link:

The morning before, I was outside photographing black swallowtail caterpillars 
on the fennel in the garden. As I meandered through, I picked up a scent, 
thinking mink. As I walked back around the pond, I saw one of the mink come 
out of the garden and circle me, staying in cover most of the way.I did get a 
few meager images for the record as it revealed itself and scaled the little 
stone wall. This was our fourth sighting.

Birds have been using every available water source we have. They bathe 
wherever the sprinkler is running, leaf bathing, too. Both fountains and both 
simple birdbaths have a lot of visitors. The birds and other animals really need 
help this year finding water!!

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO, MO
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