The Clark-led Wednesday CACHE trip was two shy of a full load today as regulars Bill Mees and Laurie Shawver were out of state.

We headed southwest from Columbia with the thermometer at 86 at 7:30 a.m. At Manito Lake CA (a new CACHE target area) the lake was uncharacteristically without birds; few birds were in the hedgerows which had just been "trimmed" by the huge vertical rotary blade that county road crews are so fond of.

We jogged (road jog, not running) over to Scrivner Road CA and found much the same conditions.  Moreau Creek is more gravel than water; the pond I like to check every time we are there was 6 drips short of bone dry.  A lone kingfisher was working a hole that couldn't have had many minnows left; a Great Crested Flycatcher made a hop-flight for a bug and stopped to pant when it missed.  The only "happy" looking bird was a chat with a caterpillar in its beak.
It hit 100 degrees before we left.

The chicken special at Steve's (3 pieces for $6) near Russellville was a good perk up--their lemonade and good air conditioner would top my list today of the benefits of civilization. 

At Binder Lake, Jefferson City, the Brown Pelican was standing on a log near the dam; a Forster's Tern was working the lake; a Bald Eagle soared high above.  Shorebirds seen from the blind improved by Don Kurz were Pectoral Sandpipers, one Spotted Sandpiper and numerous killdeer.

Bodacious birding and stay hydrated,

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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