I received this email regarding color-marked shorebirds and wanted to share 
 it with all of you since we are starting to see shorebirds in our MO  
Pat Lueders, Webster Groves, MO
Subject: Shorebird Color-Marking Research

Dear  Birders,

Shorebird migration is in full swing!  Our crews started 2  weeks ago
banding and color-marking shorebirds as they migrate south through  the
southwest Lake Erie Marsh Region.  So far, we have banded 10  different 
species and are seeing numbers and diversity increase every  day!

Our research will collect valuable information which will be used  to
improve habitat management strategies for this important stopover  area.
But, we need your help to ensure this project is successful in  collecting
the greatest amount of information possible.

As part of the  project, our researchers will be capturing, leg banding, and
color-marking  shorebirds on their breast feathers.  The color-marking is a
temporary  marking which enables information to be collected on the
movements and  habitats used by the migrating birds.

You can help with this project by  seeking out color-marked shorebirds
during your birding adventures this  fall.  When you are lucky enough to
spot a color-marked shorebird,  record information on the color of the
marking, your location, the type of  habitat the bird is using, and the
bird=92s behavior; report your sighting to  Keith Norris 
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( =
_(217)855-6324_ (tel:(217)855-6324) ).  More  information, pictures of 
color-marked shorebirds, and
a convenient data sheet  are available on the Black Swamp Bird Observatory=
website (Click  
Here<_ ( =

While  our research is being conducted in northwest Ohio, others outside of
the  region might catch a glimpse of a color-marked bird as well!   Birds
marked last fall were spotted in southwest Michigan and northeast  Ohio.

When you see one of these color-marked birds, take comfort in  knowing that
bird is contributing to the conservation of shorebird habitat  and our
understanding of shorebird migration ecology.  And don=92t  forget to send 
your sighting!

The color-marking operation is  one aspect of a larger research project.
This entire study will provide  insights on:

- Body mass dynamics of migrating  shorebirds
- Food and habitat resources available for migrating  shorebirds
- Local shorebird movements and stopover  duration

The results of this research will be used to improve the  =93Shorebird 
Conservation Strategy=94 developed by the Upper  Mississippi River & Great
Lakes Region Joint Venture.  If you have  any questions about our research
or our preliminary findings, please contact  Keith Norris 
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