Last hour and half at Riverlands MBS was quite nice, cool pleasant breeze
and birdy!

Several hundred Ring-billed Gulls were hawking insects and in with them
was a black hooded FRANKLIN'S GULL and a sterna tern.
There was actually a nice sized gull roost that formed at the end of the 
Saw 11 LEAST TERNS on the little island in Teal Pond.
PEREGRINE on the bridge and the dam and seen in MO air space.
SEDGE WRENS everywhere - Bill Duncan counted 17 when he walked the trails.
MINK at the Pintail Marsh ditch to Ellis Bay.
More shorebirds at Heron Pond. Still hard to see unless you walk down 
the pathway.
Still could ID 2 STILTS and 2 Dowitchers not there in the AM or 5 PM.
Many more peeps and pects to pick through.
Three baby Killdeer running around Heron Pond.
No Semi-plover seen by us.

This nice cool ending at RMBS made me forget about the previous several 
hours of hot
humid, dusty, gunshot filled not so birdy birding today.
Wish the rest of the summer could be like RMBS was tonight.

back to reality........  :-P
Charlene Malone
St. Louis.

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