Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike co.
Al Smith website with satellite map:!i=230445194&k=D4xVV&lb=1&s=XL 

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Saw BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS in two fields. (15 +/- total)

Directions for first grassy field:
 From entrance turn left onto main road going into refuge (to your right 
is the headquarters)
go to the first 90 degree turn to your right (east)
go to the next road to right (gated road goes south)
one can scope from the main road, closer views can be gotten by walking 
down this gravel/gated road.
look in the field to the east of this gated road. Nice grassy field with 
tons of Killdeer and at least

Second grassy field
 From the above road continue on the main refuge road until you get to 
the "big ditch" with
2 levee pathways on either side (~ 1.27 miles from first 90 degree bend 
in road)
Park and walk down the eastern most levee pathway and the grassy field 
that Dave Haenni
described is adjacent to the eastern road.
**OR........what I did**
continue on the main refuge road to the back road that goes toward the 
"Big Pond" (see map)
Half way down the road is a grassy refuge road that goes WEST back to 
the refuge
(this road is BEFORE the line of trees and the creek). Park here to view 
this field
from the opposite side than Dave H did. (or walk down if it does not 
flush the birds)
One can view this field in the AM as you are looking east or if it is 
This is about where the KING RAILS were a few years ago.
This field is where the 7 UPLAND SANDPIPERS were along with 5/6 or so 

SEDGE WRENS singing guts out everywhere on the refuge.

Lincoln co.
LOTS of shorebirds at the causeway to Winfield Dam and the Sandy Slough 
area (drive gravel road)
Many STILT SANDPIPERS, Semi-palmated Sandpipers, one WESTERN SANDPIPER 
Birds were spread out and takes patience to pick through them.

During late morning, the various sod farms along Hwy 79 had only 
KILLDEER, Starlings, Horned Larks and Meadowlarks, tons of swallows but 
that could change particularly at the end of the day.

St. Charles co.
Through the grapevine:
Heard there was a RUDDY TURNSTONE at Riverlands MBS (location?)
BLACK TERNS too. heard there was SORA there too.

Falling asleep while typing so hope this makes sen.......zzzzzzzzz
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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