Thanks to Charlene telling my wife about the Buff-breasted Sandpipers, 
Uplands and more, I rushed to meet her after work as she was leaving 
RMBS.   (She'd made a quick pass there around 5PM after a grueling day 
and did feel rewarded by catching a Ruddy Turnstone in Heron Pond. She 
said there were many other shorebirds there as well - Stilt Sandpipers, 
a Semi-palmated Plover and more that I didn't get to see.)   We got  to 
Clarence Canon around 7PM.   We spent most of our time trying to get 
this cheapy digital I'd grabbed from work (I didn't have any of my 
regular equipment with me - hadn't planned on birding) to work on our 
scope to take photos of a bird we initially thought might be the Ruff 
that Charlene had mentioned might be there.  We decided, after a half 
hour, it was an injured Pectoral Sandpiper.  Here's a photo:

Injured Pectoral Sandpiper that might be the possible Ruff 

We were also able to see most of the mentioned birds by Charlene Malone 
and Dave Haenni except for the Wilson's Phalarope.

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 9:27 PM, therese haenni wrote:

  I ran into Charlene Malone today at CCNWR. She had 7 Upland Sandpipers 
and I had 5 and some Buff breasted sandpipers in a field with no water. 
There was a nice mud flat in this field last week but it dried up 
leaving a nice grassy meadow that the Sandpipers loved. In some water 
near the road there was a good assortment of sandpipers including Pecs, 
peeps, a dowitcher  some yellowlegs, solitary and spotted along with 
Killdear everywhere. Walking back into the refuge I also had 3 
sanderlings and a few stilts. After Charlene had told me about her 
possible Ruff I went back out to check out a dark looking Uplands but it 
turned out to be just that, a darker than normal Uplands sandpiper.Did 
not see any of the Black-necked Stilts I had here last week.

On the way out I checked the lake near the refuge HQ and  was rewarded 
with about 100 shorebirds including a wilsons Phalararope, Semi-palmated 
plover, and lots of Stilt Sandpipers. Charlene mentioned there was good 
mud flats North of the bridge over the slough at Winfield dam and she 
was right. I refound her Wilsons Phalarope there along with a couple 
hundred of the previously mentioned birds.

Also had a Peregrine falcon driving into CCNWR.

Dave Haenni , St. Louis


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