I took my boat back down and paddled around the east side of Silver Lake this morning, then around on Swan Lake after that. Don't have to worry about Sharks or Alligators when paddling around on the refuge, but I did have a large fish jump up beside the boat and hit my elbow hard enough to give me a pretty good jolt! Pretty darn HOT by the time I got done too! I did NOT see any Wood Storks today. They may still be around, but they were not visible the three times I went by the usual location. The water level in Swan is holding up well so far. Silver Lake is as low as I can ever remember. Hope we get the rain that's in the forecast for next couple of days. Some of the birds I did observe today -

Silver Lake -
Bald Eagle - 2 juvenile and 1 adult
Ring-billed Gull - 20
Black Tern - 5
Forester's Tern - 20

Swan Lake -

Wood Duck - 60
Mallard - 5
BW Teal - 1 male
Green-winged Teal - 1 male
PB Grebe - 5 -the rest were hiding out in the shade I think
Am. White Pelican - 15
DC Cormorant - 40
Least Bittern - 7
GB Heron - 25
Great Egret - 30
Yellow-crowned Night Heron - 8
Green Heron - 4
Black Tern - 25
Marsh Wren - 10

Heard about 10 Sedge Wrens while driving around.
Lots of Dragonflies on the area, but haven't seen any Mississippi Kites for awhile.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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