I was at Swan Lake NWR between June and Al.  When I arrived, there were 3 imm. Wood Storks sitting in the dead tree.  I observed with scope, then turned my back to walk south along the road to get a better view of the partially obscured lowest bird.  My back was turned for less than a minute, but when I ruined back to look, 2 of the birds had gone out of sight. 

I report this so people will continue to look, even if they are not in plain sight when you first arrive.  Great Egrets seen by June were gone by the time I arrived.  She saw several Yellow-crowned Night Herons, I saw 2.  Be patient and look closely.

On a positive note, the refuge has once again shown its potential for attracting a great variety of birds.  Management practices have returned the "welcome mat" that Swan Lake has had out in previous years for wandering birds--Some of us remember "Pinkie" the Roseate Spoonbill, and of course the Tri-colored Heron--and many other "distinguished" visitors

On a disturbing note, I observed a pack of 5 large dogs (four Black Lab or lab mix and one brown) swim out of Swan Lake, climb the levee and wander across the road.  All appeared healthy and well-fed.  They are local and are not wild.

A pack of dogs roaming at will does not seem to be in keeping with the purpose of a wildlife refuge.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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