O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.


An illuminating note, Peter. 


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Subject: RE: Eliot's Poetic Drama (was Eliot on Marston)
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So now we 
should discuss this important passage which you highlighted and 
perhaps see 
if and how it applies to Eliot

"by giving us the sense of something 
behind, more real than any of his 
personages and their action, that Marston 
established himself among the 
writers of genius"
 Eliot's plays are 
famous for their apparent mediocritiy. If there is a 
reality behind the 
personages' actions, it is so well dsguised that is never 
discussed. One 
curiosity is that as far back as TWL, Eliot refers to the 
enacted entities 
in his plays as "PERSONAGES" rather
than characters, &c. There is a sort 
of background resonance in Sweeney 
Agonistes. It is so strong it makes one 
want the rest of the play.
Certainly some of the characters are two 
dimensional, but Sweeney himself is 
definitely 3D and very mysterious. Some 
of that
resonance has to do with the slum character of the setting.

for one would certainly welcome further discussion on the topic.
Personally I 
blame Martin Browne for misguiding Eliot in the presentation
of his