Here we go again.  Remember last August when I was tracking down the
supposed Eliot quotation "My mind may be American but my heart is British."
It seemed real but I couldn't find anything on the web that didn't appear to
be a copy of the quote on Wikipedia so I removed it from the Wikipedia Eliot

Now we seem to have another Eliot quotation in the making. CR send us to an
article/blog about actors reading poems.  That was a response to this

   The Telegragh
   Maurice Saatchi: a tribute in verse to my beloved wife
   By Lord Saatchi
   7:30AM GMT 20 Mar 2012
   Before she died last year, Josephine Hart dreamt of bringing
   classic poetry to a new generation. Now her husband launches
   the app she envisaged.

The Eliot quotation there is:

   Josephine agreed with T S Eliot that we understand the poet’s
   work better if we understand something of the poet’s life. As
   Eliot said: "The poet always writes out of his personal life;
   in his finest work out of its tragedy, whatever it may be,
   remorse, lost love or loneliness."

From two copies of the Saatchi article on the web it has spread to another
as an Eliot quote.  Other searches show it as a Yeats quotation and others
don't attribute it but make it appear to be from  Saatchi's late wife,
Josephine Hart, herself.  A quote this good from Eliot certainly should have
appeared in jstor
before now.

   Rick Parker