On 07/07/2012, at 1:48 PM, Carrol Cox wrote:

> Over the years I have returned over and over to the Epistle to Elizabeth,
> Countess of Rutland. What can surpass its opening lines:
yes Carrol I like it and I reckon this thought :


Those other glorious notes, 
Inscribed in touch or marble, or the coats 
Painted, or carv'd upon our great men's tombs, 
Or in their windows, do but prove the wombs 
That bred them, graves : when they were born they died,  
That had no muse to make their fame abide. 

which pops up every generation of poets has never been  better done with the apparent monumentality  of chattels is…. that they are painted or carved on tombs. 

cheers Pete

ps I like Eliot's letter to Edgar Jepson where after discussion of other things he signs off with "You're wrong about Jonson"  it has that  Carthago delenda est assertiveness which is very funny.