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>The Letters of TS Eliot Volume 3: 1926-1927 edited by Valerie Eliot and
John Haffenden�
A review by Craig Raine
The Observer, 30 June 2012��



P. > Hmmmm. Even just the review sounds very juicy. Lots of material for new
hypotheses and vindications of old ones. Bared fangs and tambourines. Yummmm.

A quote:

Given Vivienne's baleful behaviour, her affair with Russell, her general
impossibility, it is an unsurprising surprise that one of Eliot's letters
confesses unequivocally to adultery. He is pre-empting a charge of excessive
puritanism: "I remember also minor pleasures of drunkenness and adultery…"

Also, see the review by Adam Kirsch:
New Statesman
The Letters of T S Eliot Volume III: 1926-27 - review
The contortions of T S Eliot’s Christianity.
By Adam Kirsch
Published 13 June 2012

    Rick Parker