I thought that I may have mentioned the illustration for my TWL website but
I'm not finding any mention of it in the archives so I post here hoping that
I'm really not repeating myself.

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Great minds think alike (another way of saying I'm a bird brain?)

    Rick Parker

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>a moment of epiphany, almost

It was back in 2000. I sat in an internet cafe typing out a letter to
accompany the hard copy of my manuscript titled 'Eliot's Early Poetry in
Perspective' to the publisher. The only thing lacking was a design for the
front cover. Before I got up, however, I gave a side-glance to the computer
at my neighboring table. And lo, there it was, a design created by a young
guy who appeared to be a sophomore. I requested him to let me have a look at
it. I was wholly intrigued. It seemed to be an emblem of the vital's
ascension�to the spiritual. There was a white square at its heart and a
whiteness that surroundeded it which said, "The river is within us, the sea
is all about us".��