Birding in this heat is challenging, but learning is still possible.

Today's lesson:  Immature Red-winged Blackbirds make a sound like a Killdeer.

I was watching the blackbirds fly up out of a ditch and hearing them call.  Jerry yelled, "Killdeer."  Well, I thought maybe I'd missed a killdeer under the lip of the bank, but I was watching a young blackbird opening its mouth as the killdeer sound was heard.  And I continued to watch, and the sound came at least 5 times more--all from young Red=winged Blackbirds.

I'm sure it is not new to many experienced Mobirders. I would appreciate comments from others.  I've been fooled by female RWBLs sounding like Sora, but this is a new phenomenon for me, and may be for some others.   

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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