I'm not sure why Osprey would be listed as rare.  Even Robbins & Easterla (copyright 1992) have: Status: Uncommon transient; casual summer visitant, former summer resident; casual winter resident.  On p. 92 is: "Since the early 1960s, there have been nearly fifteen summer observation, but none with evidence of breeding."

All of this was written before the successful hacking program, subsequent to which the first Osprey nest in a century was successful at or near Montrose CA.  This nest was the result of a male hacked Osprey returning to the area with a mate--the typical behavior for Osprey.

In the CACHE/SPARKS records, 483 reports of Osprey have been filed from 131 sites, many of them summer records.  The nest at Jacksonville that Kathleen has observed and reported on has been active (off and on?) for several years.  This site is 7 miles east of Thomas Hill Reservoir--a long commute to feed the kid!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 23, 2012, at 10:54 PM, Kathleen Anderson wrote:

> I was driving North on Hwy 63 today, when Jacksonville, MO popped into view.  I decided to detour off the highway and check on the cellular tower.  There I saw an Osprey fly to the tower and another, just as large, testing it's wings in the middle of the tower.   I assumed that the one flapping its wings was a young one about to fly. 
> When I entered the Osprey (2) into ebird, no Cache site for the cellular tower, the Osprey was listed as "rare".  This made me wonder if Osprey nest anywhere else in Missouri.  And if it is rare and needs documentation, I never thought about taking a photo (Darn!). 
> Kathleen Anderson, Columbia
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