Just got back from Valdez, Alaska and the Prince William Sound, 120 miles or so to the east of Anchorage. I had a yellowish warbler, quite yellow with a faint yellowish eye ring, no other marks (bird not as yellow as a yellow warbler) with a dull trill of a voice. My best guess is Orange Crowned but I had no idea they could look that color, but Kaufman says yes on the western subspecies. Anybody seen these? Also the captain of the tour boat of the Sound called a couple of loons Arctic Loons, but the books say these are only in far West Alaska, so my best guess is they were a couple of Pacifics. RFI on that too. He could tell, I believe, the heads were light, so unlike the 2 Common Loons we saw.
Other birds seen: Bald Eagles 15, Common Raven 14, Marbled Murrelet 22, White Winged Scoter 12, Yellow Warbler 4, Herring Gull numerous, Glaucous Winged Gull numerous, Black Legged Kittewake several, Horned Puffin 4, Tufted Puffin 4, Pigeon Guillemot 2, Pelagic Cormorant 4, Arctic Tern 4.   Other species of note: Stellar sea lions, Harbor seals, Dall's porpoise, sea otters, Humpback whales, Orca whales. 3 black bears at the airport!  If any of you have birded this area and anything seems off I would like to know for my records. You can reply off list.
Jane Frazier
Jefferson City

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