In seeing the Western Wood Pewee last night I was touched by how fervent he was in singing his song, defending his territory and seeking a mate. That got me to thinking.

In looking at Sibley's it suggests that the Western Wood Pewee has made appearances in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana and this is the first such appearance in Missouri.  Looking at the bird last night I realized how easy it would be to call it a hoarse version of the Eastern Wood Pewee for those who weren't familiar with the Western.

So, what's this bird's story?  I'm assuming its a male whose GPS told him to veer right rather than left and he ended up in Kansas City.  I'm assuming there is no nest and its unlikely that there will be any females to mate with leaving the possibility of their return next year.  Given that some males have shown up around the Midwest before, is it possible that the species may be expanding its range? Will this Romeo return here next year?

I'd love to hear from anyone more knowledgeable about these things.  

Scott Laurent
Kansas City, MO

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