Since Bank Swallows have been hard to find this year, I thought I would mention what seems to be a small colony near Riverport.  From the Maryland Heights Expressway turn onto Pritchard Farm Road near the Verizon Amphitheater and immediately pull onto the paved shoulder of the road.  There is only room for a few cars.  Immediately in front of you should be a small bridge over a creek with steep banks.  The birds seem to have a colony somewhere near, but I could not see the holes from the side of the road.  They were flying above the creek and in the surrounding area.  Please be careful, as the area is directly accross from a large gravel operation and there is a great deal of truck traffic. 
At Bittern Basin, Tom Bormann, Dave Rogles, and I found an adult Glossy Ibis.  There were also a lot of Black-necked Stlits and a variety of other shorebirds, including Lesser Yellowlegs Pectoral and White-rumped Samdpiper, and various other peeps.  There were also a few Bank Swallows there mixed with the Barn and Cliff Swallows.  This ibis was near post 12 (there are numbered posts probably hunting locations around the area).  It is a long walk from anywhere you can legally park.
David Becher

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