Birded a section of the Green Rock trail which connects Greensfelder Co Park in far west St Louis Co with Rockwoods Reservation CA(also known as the Rockwoods Range)
 The habitat is very steep and hilly oak/hickory habitat with natural limestone glades  The majority of it is still pretty much unfragmented.This large expanse of intact woodland still harbors good numbers of breeding migrants.
 Except for a few new houses along Melrose Rd the area is pretty much the same as when I use to  hike out there as a little kid 30 some odd years ago
 Although the diversity of bird species can be found at other St Louis area parks and CA areas its  the individual numbers  of each species which I always find pretty impressive
 (Not only birds but mammals and reptiles as well)

- birds this morning
e-screech owl
barred owl
acadian flycatcher
great crested flycatcher
wood thrush
summer and scarlet tanager
indigo bunting
red-shoulder and broad-wing hawks
and an armadillo tearing apart a dead log

Mike Brady
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