Audubon Society of Missouri members:

Please read carefully.

A statewide strategic plan for Missouri grasslands--public and private, prairie and other, is being developed.  It is scheduled for completion this fall.

A committee is charged with this task.  Members include representatives of several divisions of MDC, DNR, NRCS, and Missouri Prairie Foundation.

ASM and other organizations have been given the opportunity to advise the committee of three to five grassland issues to be addressed in the plan development process.

This is your opportunity to be heard.  Speak up!

Please note that we are being asked to, “Keep in mind that, unlike an operational plan that may focus on specific grassland management techniques, this is a strategic plan and is “big picture” in nature and scale.”

This means we are not being asked to advise/comment on specific management techniques/practices, but are being asked to indicate/explain what we consider to be the most important aspects/results of grassland management--statewide, all grassland types.

As conservation partnership coordinator, I will receive your replies and use them to compile ASM’s response, boiled down to the requested one page response.  This will be submitted to the ASM Board for approval before being submitted to the committee.

We need your input quickly--deadline is next Friday, June 8.  

Send your reply to my personal email address, [log in to unmask]

Do not send your reply to the mobirds listserve.

If you have questions, others probably do also.  Send questions to me and I will try to answer.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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