Today after work, I headed to Duck Creek CA with my mountain bike in the back of the truck to ride the gravel roads that circumnavigate Pool 1 and Unit A. Boy was I surprised when I reached the northwest part of the property where Unit A used to be separate from Unit B and is now one big open area.

17 miles of hard, dusty pedaling yielded some decent birds, most species to be expected except for a drake (male) Red-breasted Merganser that was swimming near the fish cleaning station next to the boat docks located on the south end of Pool 1. This bird is a bit late in its migration to the North.

Link to map of area:

Adding finishing touches to the 2012 Spring Seasonal Report, then off to bed! <Yawn . . .!>

Good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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