Busch Conservation Area, a.m.

OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, 1 -- Lake 30; favoring the tip-top of the
tallest snag in the tree line south of the lake.  First saw the bird
from behind and two white tufts.
HENSLOW'S SPARROW, 1 -- Next to road A, just north of Hampton Lake, in
the grassy field to the left.
BLUE GROSBEAK, 2 -- One male in the ag field opposite the Henslow's, and
a second at lake 30.

Riverlands MBS, p.m.

BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON, 1 -- Across from the tern barge.
AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, 1 -- Heron Pond; full alternate plumage.
DUNLIN, 2 -- Also Heron Pond, plus a couple of peeps.
LEAST TERN, 8 -- I stayed for awhile to count, and recount.  The birds
were very active and flighty; therefore, challenging.  I waited until
four birds took off -- and flew away from the barge -- then used the
scope to scan across the barge and counted four more live birds.
BLACK TERN, 3 -- Fly-by in Ellis Bay, past the tern barge.

Mike Thelen
Univ City, StL Cnty, MO
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