Dianne and I did a couple of Grassland BBS routes in Western Mo. on Sunday and Monday. The high lite was a hen Greater Praire Chicken standing in the middle of the road at Taberville Praire CA. Always nice to see good number of Scissortail Flycatchers while in that part of the State, as well as several Blue Grosbeaks, and a few Henslow's Sparrows. The number of Mockingbirds seems crazy for someone from this part of the country!
  Along the way we drove through Schell-Osage CA where we saw a single Least Tern,  a Yellow-crowned Nigh Heron and an  Immature Bald Eagle. Parts of that area were very dry.
  We also drove around Four Rivers CA where I spotted a couple of Miss Kites soaring around up high after quite a bit of scanning. We were pleasantly surprised to find water had been pumped back in to many of the pools! It had been mostly all dry when we stopped earlier on the way to Joplin to Spring ASM meeting. There were a good number of GB Herons and Great Egrets scattered around. Some of the other birds observed was a Forester's and a horde of 120 Black Terns feeding over President's Marsh. Saw a few DC Cormorants and two young STFL on the road in that area as well. We encountered a flock of 10 and a flock of 15 Fish Crows while at Four Rivers. I think most I had found before there was three!

Steve Kinder
Livingston Co.
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