Ah CR. You are taking me back to my days in the rare book room at Hahvahd,
Wonderful satire.

The image of pneumatic bliss is brilliantly executed.
It may even yet become a reality if the progress on
robot building keeps up. Sex with the alternate sex may
yet become obsolete, though love making never will.

Eliot's abilities with satire are second only to those of Percy Wyndham Lewis.
(See Lewis' great satire on Canada called SELF-CONDEMNED.
I'm sure Nancy would love it ;->)

I so wish he had done more.

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  Whispering incantations 

  Grishkin is nice: her Russian eye 
  Is underlined for emphasis; 
  Uncorseted, her friendly bust 
  Gives promise of pneumatic bliss.          

  The couched Brazilian jaguar 
  Compels the scampering marmoset 
  With subtle effluence of cat; 
  Grishkin has a maisonette; 

  The sleek Brazilian jaguar          
  Does not in its arboreal gloom 
  Distil so rank a feline smell 
  As Grishkin in a drawing-room. 

  And even the Abstract Entities 
  Circumambulate her charm;


  The boatman smiles, 

  Princess Volupine extends          
    A meagre, blue-nailed, phthisic hand 
  To climb the waterstair. Lights, lights, 
    She entertains Sir Ferdinand 



  I know the voices dying with a dying fall 
  Beneath the music from a farther room. 
    So how should I presume?


  Incidentally, vis-a-vis the traditional ditty about 'The Good Ship Venus', this page on Eliot's bawdy verse is apropos: 

  A closing note, nevertheless:

  Tra-la-la-la-la-la-laire—nil nisi divinum stabile est; caetera fumus 


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        A pretty ditty, forsooth!


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        Doubtless is my warped sense of 'humour' inappropriately at work, but just the heading of your post brought vividly to mind that  rather rude traditional ditty about 'The Good Ship Venus'..........

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                Transit Venus


                "We only live, only suspire / Consumed by either fire or fire."