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>Has any Eliot scholar done any work on the eternal footman
>and why Eliot would have used the image. On the surface, of course,
>it just means the guy is always there, but the sub currents are tremendous
>and even absurd. A great character for an absurd play.

"Always there": One reason why the Footman could be Time.  I suppose Death
can be visualized as always being around too but only noticed now and then
(pre-24 hour news).

"sub current": I see the jacket that the footman finally holds up as a
shroud.  Maybe the footman helps the attendent lord into a hearse afterwards.

>Reminds me of the chess game with the knight in that great movie
>The Seventh Seal.

That came to my mind too.  Ever see the parody "De Düva"?
Looks as if copies have been put on youTube.

    Rick Parker