Arrived at RMBS around 7:00 am today and was joined by Connie Alwood a little later.

Heron Pond:

Peregrine Falcons –2 -  in flyover courtship display and calling – quite a sight
Black-necked Stilts - 3
Stilt Sandpiper – 1 a beauty in full breeding plumage
Semi-palmated Plovers – 15 or so
Least Sandpipers – many
Semi-palmated Sandpipers 5-8 at least
Dunlin – at least 20 most in full breeding plumage
Lesser Yellowlegs – 1
Pectoral Sandpiper - 1
Short-billed Dowitcher –1 seen by Connie
Killdeer – many including one juvenile

Ellis Bay:

Black-bellied Plovers –5
Caspian Tern – 1
Black Tern – 1
Tern sp – 2 too far away to id either Forster’s or Common

John Solodar
University City
St. Louis County, MO

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