Hello MoBirders,


Just thought I’d share a recent eBird checklist from Riverlands, so anybody wanting to see what’s been around could. I know it is not always worth the drive, but I’ve birded there a few times this last week and found some fun birds.


I also need help (eyes) on a duck I couldn’t identify on the pond next to Wise Road. It was hanging out at the back, by itself, and looked to be in possible eclipse plumage- silvery-colored. Heat distortion and direct sunlight made judging colors hard through a scope. For sure- Dark black undertail (like Gadwall or Widgeon) and probable white on the speculum. Didn’t seem like anything “normal” we’ve been seeing around, but with a few late stragglers, anything is possible.  I have seen a few domestic-type hybrids around, so that is one possibility. More horrible photos available on request- but I’m hoping someone else can spot this odd guy if it sticks around.


Heard a Yellow-billed Cuckoo on Ellis Island, which was fun.


eBird Checklist with photos:







Good birding,


Christian Hagenlocher

Principia Upper School

St. Louis, MO


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