My plan for the morning was to bicycle ~40-50 miles, but when I woke up my legs felt like jelly and I opted to go birding instead. Not working out never felt so good!

I planned to spend my time photographing whatever was cooperative all morning, but a few WHIMBREL (4, not the 6 my finger mistakenly typed on my phone) ruined most of those plans.

Most of Eagle Bluffs CA (Boone Co.) was pretty dry, but Pool 14 still has water and was teeming with shorebirds. I really wish I had had more time to thoroughly check the area. I ended up walking to the edge of the "dry" mud and just scoped back and forth for about an hour. A male Red-winged Blackbird (of all things) kept flushing the shorebirds, and a few times a couple LEAST SANDPIPERS literally ran between my legs and the legs of my tripod!

I also really wish I hadn't forgotten my point-and-shoot camera so I could have digiscoped the cooperative Whimbrel!

Another highlight of the morning was confirming an eBird report by Brad Warrick of at least one GREATER SCAUP (so glad it flew!) in the Distribution Channel. If accepted by the MBRC, it will be a new late date for the species in Missouri.

Other late-ish birds included a SNOW GOOSE and a NORTHERN PINTAIL.

For those interested in all of the species I found today, or those just interested in seeing some photos, here's my eBird checklist for the morning:


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