Andy, All:
  Good video, tough exercise.  I agree with your ID of white Northern.
Compare this Louisiana Waterthrush from March 27, 2012Note:- large bill (thick base) - broad eye-brow stripe - less busy shoulder area
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Subject: Waterthrush Video Quiz - Louisiana or Northern?
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Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012, 12:45 AM

  I digiscoped this Waterthrush at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis Missouri on Saturday 4/21/12.  I thought this Waterthrush would make a good quiz for those trying to learn to tell their Louisiana from their Northern Waterthrush, like me.  When the Waterthrush migrate through Tower Grove Park, they are typically not singing, so I can't go by that.  I am pretty sure this is a whitish Northern, but I'd like to generate a discussion on MOBIRDS about what others think about the complexities of telling the differences, especially when a whitish Northern might be involved.  Here's the video:
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